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>>>>Edm accessory
Molybdenum wire
specification Type Diameter Mg/200mm Length of one spool
High strength tensile Mo-1 0.10mm--0.35mm 16.33mg---200.04mg Above 1000 meters.
size-confined Mo-1 0.10mm--0.35mm 16.33mg---200.04mg Above 1000 meters.
drawn in lower temperature Mo-1 0.10mm--0.35mm 16.33mg---200.04mg Above 1000 meters.
Characteristic of our Molybdenum wire:

1. Meeting the standard of GB4183-84. At the same environment and status, the using time could be improved to 100% or 200%.
2. Extend rate less 3%. The molybdenum wire could keep their good status.
3. The molybdenum wires are same size and lubricity on the face.
4. There are all kinds of molybdenum wire in our factory and they are good quality.
5. The molybdenum wires are packed at vacuum environment and could be kept more than 1 year.

Brass wire

Standard: China GB and Japan JIS
Material: CuZn35 or CuZn37
Color: Golden
conductivity: 18-20% (IACS).
Tolerance of the diameter: 0/-0.002mm


Standard Diameter (mm)

Tensile trength (N/mm2)

Semi Hard

Characteristic of our EDM wire
1. All types of EDM wires
The diameters are from 0.10mm to 0.30mm etc. Weights of one spool from 15KG,10KG,5KG,3KG.
2. High tensile strength
We manufacture our EDM wire from powder to wire with fine raw materials of the brass alloy under the circumstance of advanced equipments and continuous process that guarantees the stable of the chemical composition and fine tensile strength of our EDM wire.If the tensile strength is lower, the wires are easy to be broken when the current power is increased. The wires are not easy to be broken during the operation. If the wires are broken, it will waste more time repairing the machine.
3. Good precision performance:
We have advanced inspection instruments and automatic drawing machines, which could control the precision of our EDM wire. The tensile strength could be up to 1000N/ mm2, the tolerance could be within 0.001mm. Our wires could be widely used in all kinds of slow speed EDM machines in many countries. The surface and tolerance are good enough to have the performance of high operating efficiency.
4. There is no brass powder on the surface of our brass wire that could prolong the life of the tools and develop the efficiency of the operating.
5. The wires are not easy to be twisted during the operation. If the wires are twisted, it will result the broken of the wires and the bad surface of the machine tools.
6. The uprightness is above 98%. If the wires are easy to be curved, it is difficult to insert the wires.
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