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Company profile
>>>>Brief introduction
   JINAN CHENW TECHNOLOGY & TRADING CO.LTD is a vigorous  company based in China specializing in the following materials:
  Welding accessories such as Tungsten electrodes
  EDM wire
  Welding electrode and wire
 TIG MIG MAG accessory
 Tungsten and Molybdenum product
 PTFE lined pipe
 Chemical random packing and filler
      All of our materials are made in China and widely used in the fields of:
  Tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding and plasma arc cutting and welding
Electrodes wires for Electric Discharge Machine (EDM)
Welding electrode and wire for welding carbon steel,stainless steel,cast steel etc.
TIG MIG MAG accessory for welding machine
Tungsten and Molybdenum product for arcing contact,vaccum contact,electrode,electric source part e
PTFE lined pipe for transporting oil, liquid, gas etc.
Chemical random packing and filler for oil refining, metallurgy, coal gas, oxygen and other industry of the drying tower, absorption tower, cooling tower, washing tower, regeneration tower support, coverage, filtering effect
JINAN CHENW TECHNOLOGY & TRADING CO.LTD Email: chenw-jn@vip.163.com jianan-qi@chenw.com